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lypg 8 August..

hey hey !!! joan here ! ok, erm.. yoshua led this week and he will be leading for the next two months or so.. just to set the momentum going and then he will hand it over to yehqi and me.. =) this week’s lypg was more of waiting on God.. after sharing, there was a time of quiet worship, not much music but everybody gave wonderful songs, the songs were sang without background music or anything but it was really refreshing.. then we had a 10 praying in tongues, Joel and the advisors did the debreifing.. after the debriefing, we had another 10 minutes of prayer..  the things that God showed us was that laziness and indiscipline was hindering us from going further.. yes, laziness and indiscipline !! we must work harder.. time for a change !

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hey hey!! back again…

yeah!! joan’s back !! its been a long time since i wrote in this blog…today’s LYpg was interesting… we started with sharing, sharing about something God taught us this week.. then, Vinod led in worship,a really good time of worship.. even as i worshipped, felt that everybody really needed some time to just dwell in His presence and talk to Him… it was wonderful.. anyway, after that Yoshua did some sharing .. He said that many of us were soldiers that were not ready for war ( if you know what i mean ), and he intended to push us and train us until we are ready for warfare and ready to fight.. but ultimately, to take Kluang for Christ, to break the walls in this city. AMEN!! in the days to come, we’ll continue to learn YADA lessons and continue to train up stamina in prayer…. be ready everybody!!! we’ll take this town for Him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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see here~ see here~


To all my dearest LYPG advisers and supporters:

Firstly, I really wanna to say “Thank You” for all your sacrifices and passion and supports..

I think we can be describe as a ‘puzzle’ ba..

God is the Mighty Hand that put us together.. And as we are together, we form “LYPG” !!

So, everyone of you is so so so important to us! Without one of you, we can’t make it!

Lastly, all praise to the King of Kings , Lord of Lords^^



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LYPG 26 July^^

Hi!  It’s me again^^

Yesterday, we did our sharing time quite differently.. We share in a group of two to three persons within 9 minutes.. Then, we worship. Bryan leading. During the worship time, I can feel that the Holy Spirit is so gentle and moving among us^^

After that, we had our YADA Learning lesson 3 part 2^^ Then we pray in the spirit for about 20 minutes~

Next,we pray for each other and family in group of 5 to 6…

(To be continue…)

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Wow!! Our first Anniversary!!

“Clap.. clap.. clap..” Clap loudly to our awesome God who led us and guided us!! At first, It seem uneasy for many.. But day after days.. It became possible.. and even became a lifestyle to the many!

This week LYPG still started with sharing and worshiping. When we are worshiping.. Joan got Galatians 6:8-10 while Isaac got a word “stir up our heart from Exodus 36:2. Then we had our special speaker Isaac to share about “LYPG”.

Here are some of my notes:

– Base of the MYPG: Isaiah 6:8 ( Then i heard the Lord asking,: Whom shall I send?”….And I said,”Lord,I’ll go,send me!”

– Our mission and vision:“Together we seek to redefine the values of a generation”

– Prayer is only a start.

– LYPG is a heart that pump blood to all part of the body. (Malaysia)

– LYPG is a training camp for those who wanted to be in the army of God.

– We are the “City Watchmen” .

Thank you for watching. God bless^^

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update update!!

hey hey! joan here… thanks yehqi for updating!! heres a rivised report for lypg… ok, we started by sharing 2 by 2 and praying for each other if feel led to.. after that, we had a time of worship led by Venoch.. even as we worshipped, yeh qi and i seeked God as what to pray for in lypg..i received a verse –

John 12: 40 – the lord has blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts, so their eyes cannot see, and their hearts cannot understand, and they cannot turn to me and let me heal them

John 12:43 – For they loved human praise more than the praise of God.

so i shared shared with eveyone and we had a time to seek God.. we asked God if this is the time to bring in the other churches in kLuang. Praise God! God answered us. here is what i received :

* i saw a person lifting up his hands to worship God, i expected to see many more than just one person but God showed me only one

* then God told me “boom ” and God showed me many mountains lining up to surround a valley .. then the valley exploded with a boom..( by the way, kluang is a valley )

*then i talked to God. i entered His courts and God asked me to eat with Him.. we sat down on the floor and we ate bread put inside a wooden bowl.. as we were talking i asked God ” papa, should we bring them in now ? ” .. God smiled and said ” yes, you can. ”

what i received was confirmed when yehqi told me that God said yes to her too.. praise God.. for the time being i will be fasting and praying for this and we will be praying for this in lypg every week… so, please keep this in your prayer list and pray about it.. .

p.s – if anyone has an interpretation for the first two visions please contact me .. thank you!!! God bless.


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We are deciding..

Ya.. Today we are deciding to ask more churches to join us in LYPG~ Joan and I have the same interest that we want more youth from different churches to join us! So we pray on it.. Joan got some vissions:

1. A person lifting up high his hands worshiping the Lord.

2. Mountains lined up surrounded a valley, then “boom”! Got an explosions. ( Hope someone can interprete this. Thank you!)

3. ( Sorry.. Cause i don’t know it very details.. so i ll ask Joan to write it herself^^)

After that, we decided to pray every week on this topic untill confirmation came.

We can do all things through Christ!!! Amen!

Then, we also had our Yadalearning class: course 1 lesson 3 ~ Thanks God^^

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LYPG 6 July!!

Hi everyone! It’s me again^^

Today many came to our prayer meeting~ So happy^^ Also we have Two new comers!!

As usual, we shared about one thing we wanted to thank God for last week .. Then., we had a wonderful worship time~

The most important thing is.. We had a Yada Learning class today! We having course 1 lesson 2 .. Although it can be fall asleep (honestly, i accidentally fall asleep..) , but it was inspiring and encouraging!! Thanks God!^^

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Yehqi writing!!

Hi everyone^^ I am yehqi.. this is my FIRST time writing blog.. hihi^^

Erm.. Sorry tat right now i am writing for last week meeting(28 June). Last week we don’t have a worship leader.. So, by faith we had asked Abigail and Jia Qi to lead us in worship~ (Abigail played keyboard and Jiaqi singing) It is nice although we don’t have a guitar.. We started with sharing.. then, we worshiped for about an hour and shared what we received during the worship..

For me.. I had received a lot of words.. Word of reminder… God had reminded us not to forget about our mission in this world^^ ( After that, we also had a confirmation.)

I am so sorry that i can’t remember much of what had happened that day..) Sorry.

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whats next??

hey everybody!! joan here… ok.. just wanting to encourage all of you to prepare yourselves everytime you come for lypg.. erm, i really think it is a necessary thing to do because we are to come before God well prepared and clean =) it dosen’t need hours and hours, just a simple 5 to 10 minutes will do .. also some encouragement, i think God wants us as an Lypg to pray not just for the sake of praying, but to pray because we want to do it for God.. i’m speaking to myself even as i write this.. let us stand together as LYpg kluang and pray for a heart of prayer for this nation.. =)

jia you everybody!!

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